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Creating Your Syllabus

Loyola has specific policies regarding required syllabus content. Please review our syllabus template page for more information. On this page, you will also find templates (plain and graphic) that can be adjusted to meet your particular pedagogical needs. You will also find a current copy of syllabus part II. 

On this page, we will share how to make your syllabus publicly available. 

Before beginning, please make sure your course "syllabus" page is updated. You will want to upload a pdf version of your syllabus to that page or copy and paste your syllabus into the rich content editor. For more information, please see the Canvas Community page


If your course is not yet available to students, you can make your content publicly available, including your syllabus. We strongly recommending uploading your actual pdf syllabus to the "syllabus" page so students do not just see assignments and due dates. 

Please follow these steps:

1. Open the course on your Canvas dashboard.

2. Navigate to "Settings" on the course navigation left toolbar. 

3. Open "Course Details"

course details

4. On the course details page, scroll down to "Visibility". Keep this option on "course". If you select public, much of your course will be publicly viewable. 

course visibility

5. Check the Customize box and use the pull-down menu to make the syllabus public. 

6. If you also check the box to make the course visible in the "public course index", the course will be searchable. Unless you want the entire course to be searchable, keep these settings in tact (visibility left on "course" and only the syllabus made public). You can see what this would look like by following the directions in the next accordion section to "view publicly available courses". 

course visibility


7. Save your course settings at the bottom of the page (this is important!

8. Go to your syllabus page and copy the url. If you sign out of Canvas and paste the url into a browser address bar, you should be able to see your syllabus page. 

Note: Your course must be published and cannot be entered as a "future enrollment" with restricted visibility. 


To view courses that have been made publicly available, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Canvas dashboard and select "all courses" from your main navigation 

all courses

2. Select "browse more courses"

browse courses

3. From this page, you can find a specific course (if it is publicly available) using the search bar.