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Kaltura is a media management package that help you record, edit, store, and share media.

Kaltura is integrated with Canvas, with Zoom recordings, and with the university library’s collection of shareable video and audio.

kaltura versus zoom

Source: University of Maine, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning


Zoom is more useful for live meetings in which students and the instructor interact. It is a live conferencing platform. 

Kaltura is more useful for asynchronous lecture capture. 

However, recorded sessions on Zoom will be stored in "My Media" and available for editing, captioning, and the other features of Kaltura. 

Loyola has unlimited machine captioning with Kaltura. Captions are easy to check for accuracy and easy to edit. Guides and videos coming soon.


We have extremely limited professional captioning. Requests should be sent to Jim Dugan (

Recordings made in Zoom are automatically copied to the user's Media Space in Kaltura. The copying is automatic as long as the user is identified by the same email address, ending in, in both Zoom and Kaltura (this process began in mid-May of 2021). The copy of a Zoom recording that remains in Zoom is independent of the copy that is forwarded to Kaltura, so deleting one does not delete the other. Different retention policies apply in each system. 

A user can see their forwarded Zoom recordings by going to their Media Space in Kaltura. The Kaltura Media space can be reached by logging in to any Canvas Course and clicking on My Media, or by logging in to the university's Single Sign On page, clicking on the Kaltura button, then clicking on My Media. 

In Kaltura, the copies of a user's Zoom recordings start out as private to that user, and remain private unless the user takes steps to share them.

Instructors can build links from their Canvas courses to Kaltura Media, including the lectures they've created, Zoom recordings, and library-owned materials.

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Documentation written by Kaltura

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