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Topic: Kaltura Training
Start Time : Feb 9, 2021 12:13 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: 0vNi8vW!

kaltura versus zoom

Source: University of Maine, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning


Zoom is more useful for live meetings in which students and the instructor interact. It is a live conferencing platform. 

Kaltura is more useful for asynchronous lecture capture. 

However, recorded sessions on Zoom will be stored in "My Media" and available for editing, captioning, and the other features of Kaltura. 

Loyola has unlimited machine captioning with Kaltura. Captions are easy to check for accuracy and easy to edit. Guides and videos coming soon.


We have extremely limited professional captioning. Requests should be sent to Jim Dugan (

This link will bring you to the Kaltura learning page with tutorial or overview videos. Please note, some features/tools on this page may not be available at Loyola. 

Kaltura Learning

This link will bring you to the knowledge center for education. You may need to click around to find what you need. 

Kaltura Knowledge Center

These text guides are more useful if you are looking for a quick guide rather than a longer video. However, they will probably be more useful for users who already have a basic understanding of Kaltura. 

Kaltura Video App for Canvas