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Previous Workshops/Events

The following is the AY 22-23 playlist. Clicking on various videos in the playlist will play the video on the page. The video may be enlarged to full page by clicking on the diagonal arrows below the video. 




When available, previous workshops presentations or narrated slides will be available here. You may also visit our MediaSpace "Training Videos" page. 

Slay the Classroom: Bridging the Communication Gap with Gen Z Students

Related handouts: Chronicle: Connecting in the Classroom, NACE Career Competencies, 

, Reaching and Retaining the Next Generation

Engaging Students in Canvas with Dr. Dan Guo (3-21-23)

Creating Interesting Assignments with Drs. Yavneh and Edgren (3-9-23)

ChatGPT and AI with Drs. Elisabeth Kincaid and Erin Dupuis (2-7-23)

Faculty-Librarian Partnerships with Dr. Jason Ezell (10-18-22)

Kaltura Training with Dr. Erin Dupuis (2-11-22)

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy  with Dr. Davis (9-16-21)

Pivoting Back to Online Teaching (9-8-21)

Universal Design for Learning (4-27-21)

Led by Tammy Berberi, University of Minnesota Morris

Slides available here

Tammy's expanded syllabus statement on disability and mental health available here


Online Learning During a Pandemic (4-20-21): Please see Nydia's presentation slides here

Identity, Inclusion, and Pronouns with Dr. Kedrick Perry (02-11-21)

Setting up Assignments and Using the Gradebook (10-8-20): **See Dr. Guo's Guide for Midterm Grading here.**

Canvas 101 workshops with Dan Guo (8/3 - 8/7)

Zoom In and Outs (4-7-20)

Tips & Strategies from Online Professors (3-30-20)

Introduction to Grants (2-6-20) seminar: 

Recorded Grants Presentation

Non-Narrated PP with links available here


Q-Advocacy (1-28-20) workshop. Only viewable using Loyola Google email.

Using Videos in Online Courses (1-21-20) workshop: Slides with examples of courses and Video

Tools and Strategies for Recording Online Courses (10-19-19)

Creating a Graphic Syllabus (10-22-19): Use password "Innovation"