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Don't Cancel Class

The Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning, the Pan-American Life Student Success Center, and the Career Development Center have launched a “Don’t Cancel Class” initiative. When instructors go to professional development events, conferences, or have personal conflicts, they often have to cancel class. We know so many of our staff members have expertise they could offer our students and we invite everybody to participate in this new success and retention initiative. 


Instructors, if you are requesting a lecture/workshop for one of your classes, please note that many volunteer participants have advance notice required. They may also indicate whether their presentation is on-campus or virtual. There are many different session topics to choose from - please see the accordion sections below which can be expanded for more information. 


If you are a department head/supervisor and have a workshop or seminar your department could offer, please fill out this google form. We will ask you to indicate a title/topic, description, format (synchronous in-person or virtual), and advance notice required. If you are an individual and have something unique to offer, please fill out the form and ensure that your supervisor approves of your participation, if necessary. 

Contact: Thom C. Addington

Department: Office of Advising & Coaching (Student Success Center)

Format: Synchronous, On-Campus

Length: Negotiable

Advanced Notice Required: 1-2 weeks

Description: We can offer workshops on a variety of topics including: 

  • Planning your academic schedule
  • Life Design for Success
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Communication Skills for Success with Professors and Peers
  • Choosing the right major, minor, and/or combination of the two 
  • Contact: Katie Bandy Krikorian
  • Department: Career Development Center
  • Format: Synchronous, On-Campus or Virtual
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: Two Weeks
  • Description: Below is a list of career related presentation topics our team can present on:
    • Creating Strategic Resume & Cover Letter
    • Interviewing Tips and Strategies
    • Job and/or Internship Search Strategies
    • Networking for Success
    • Making Yourself Marketable / Establishing a Personal Brand
    • Conducting Informational Interviews with Professionals
    • LinkedIn and Social Media: Using Social Media During the Job Search
  • Contact: Andrea Penedo
  • Department: University Counseling Center
  • Format: Synchronous, Virtual
  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Advance Notice Required: Two Weeks
  • Description
    • Improving Focus and Motivation: Get concrete coping skills to improve focus and motivation, especially when working from home
    • Self care: Learn about the behavioral and biological factors that contribute to stress, what you can do to improve self-care and form a plan to implement change.
    • Test Anxiety: Learn concrete skills to use in order to stay calm and effective when preparing for and completing tests.
    • Eating Disorder Awareness: Learn about eating disorders, diet culture, and how to get help.
  • Contact: Mariette Thomas
  • Department: Center for International Education
  • Format: Synchronous, on-campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 48 Hrs
  • Description: Learn how to jumpstart your global learning by participating in one of Loyola's study abroad programs in more than 50 different countries. This presentation will cover: different types and locations of study abroad programs, how to start planning for a study abroad experience, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and other frequently asked questions. This session can be presented synchronous/on-campus, synchronous/virtual, or asynchronous. Length is negotiable.
  • Contact: Ken Weber
  • Department: Student Life and Ministry
  • Format: Synchronous, On-Campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 1 Week
  • Description:
    • Presentation on Jesuit identity as it pertains directly to class themes/curriculum.

  • Contact: Annie Phoenix
  • Department: Jesuit Social Research Institute
  • Format: Synchronous, On-Campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 1-2 weeks, but check for shorter availability
  • Description:
    • In 2022 Loyola launched a prison education program and enrolled 40 incarcerated students and 15 correctional employees at Rayburn Correctional Center in Angie, LA. In this seminar I'll share more about the program and our work at JSRI, as well as the history of prison education current issues (i.e. Pell grant restoration for incarcerated students).
  • Contact: Laura Jayne
  • Department: College of Music and Media
  • Format: Synchronous, On-Campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 24 hours
  • Description: Students -- well everyone -- often take the long way to say things that could be better served with brevity. This applies to all disciplines. How do we succinctly convey information without using unneeded words? How can we be creative in nonfiction writing? This can be a 50-minute class or a 75-minute class. It's interactive and fun.
  • Contact: Jay Davis
  • Department: Residential Life
  • Format: Synchronous, on-campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 1 week
  • Description: I can present on general housing information for classes with a heavy on-campus population, or can present on general interpersonal skill such as conflict, confrontation, self-care and self-management.
  • Contact: Sydney Begoun
  • Department: Student Life & Ministry
  • Format: Synchronous, on-campus
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Advance Notice Required: 2 weeks
  • Description: Learn how to juggle healthy work life/personal life/school life boundaries.
  • Contact: Laura Jayne
  • Department: College of Music and Media/director of student services
  • Format: Synchronous, On-Campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 48 hours
  • Description:
    • I will offer ways to get the best out of university life. While this class is ideal for freshmen and sophomores, I can tailor it to any class. This is more than what services we offer -- though I will touch on that -- it's about how to advocate for yourself in any setting.
  • Contact: Lisa Collins
  • Department: Communication & Design
  • Format: Synchronous, on-campus
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: Two weeks
  • Description: I could give an overview of either topic and we'd have a class discussion about either social media usage and personal boundaries, or the continued conglomeration of mass media and how to improve one's media diet.
  • Contact: Michele Ellis
  • Department: IRB Co-Chair
  • Format: Synchronous, Virtual
  • Length: Depends on Needs (1-2 hours)
  • Advance Notice Required: Two Weeks
  • Description:
    • Submitting applications, choosing which application, informed consent, FAQs
  • Contact: Sue Weishar
  • Department: Jesuit Social Research Institute
  • Format: On-Campus and Virtual
  • Length: Negotiable
  • Advance Notice Required: 24 hours
  • Description: An overview of the history of immigration to the U.S., the causes and consequences of the current crisis, and Ignatian values that can be drawn upon to address the crisis.