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Wellness Week

wellness week

Wellness is integral to our success as a community. Not only do we need to encourage it for our students, but we also need to take moments during our day to create our own opportunities for mental and physical wellness. We need to engage in self-care – taking breaks from the computer for exercise, meditation, spiritual fulfillment, or just to take a stroll into our own backyard to get some fresh air. Wellness Week for faculty and staff (January 11-15) provides an introduction to some practices to help balance our busy lives. Members of the Loyola and New Orleans community will provide us with some building blocks that we can use moving forward in 2021. 


The links below are Zoom links and will only work during the time of that particular session. All times are in CST. To add to your Google calendar, you should make sure you signed into your correct Google account. 


Participants will be entered into drawings for an aromatherapy kit, yoga mats, books, and more!


Monday, January 11


Engaging in Compassionate Mindfulness

Because of the personal nature of some of the conversations, we have opted not to share this recording.

Combining the essence of mindfulness with a guided compassion meditation, this session will support your practice of self-compassion to help sustain your service in extra stressful times like these.

Presented by Dr. William Thiele, Adjunct Professor in LIM and Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Thiele is the founding director of the School for Contemplative Living and author of Monks in the World.




Creating a Mental Health Medicine Cabinet: Personal and Communal Practices for Self-Care 

Click on the link for the recording.

Passcode: *Zam*0aV

Creating a life of balance and wholeness is essential for our mental health. Join us in this workshop as we explore concrete practices for how we value and care for our spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental, and relational well-being. We will explore personal and communal practices and learn about how to incorporate joy, gratitude, play, goal-setting, embodiment, mindfulness, plant medicine, and physical practices into our routines and habits. Please bring a blank sheet of paper or your journal along with a pen, markers, or colored pencils to the workshop.   

Presented by Sister Alison McCrary, J.D. 



Tuesday, January 12


Beginners Yoga

No recording available. See additional class information below. 

A half-hour session of relaxing postures that ground anxiety and help revive the spirit. No experience required.

This class will move through standing, seated and reclining postures. Props aren't necessary but any/all of the following are recommended: yoga mat, folded towel, block or large book.

Presented by Alison McConnell, Athletics & Wellness at Loyola

Alison also offers meditation and yoga classes on FB Live @  Mondays 6PM and Fridays 12:30PM



Wednesday, January 13


Forgiveness. How Does It Work? Resolving Resentments As Healthy, Spiritual Practice

Click on link for recording. Passcode, if needed, H9.w6MMU

What does the research and religion teach us about the importance of forgiveness and resolving resentments?  More importantly, how do we do it?  In this 60 minute wellness workshop we will hear a little about the science of forgiveness and a little about the wisdom of forgiveness.  And, a simple plan for how to go about it.  

Presented by Pastor Shawn Anglim, First Grace United Methodist Church




Stretching Into the New Year: Playful and Easy Stretching Exercises for the Computer-Bound

No recording available. 

Join your colleagues for a fun, quick break from your Spring planning. We'll do some simple desk-side stretches together that you can use later between Zoom meetings to help ease muscle tension and reduce stress. Plus, it will be fun to see each other!!

Presented by Nancy Rowe (Director of the Office for Writing and Learning Services) and Mary De Verges (Office Manager, SSC)


Thursday, January 14


Guided Meditation

Join us for guided meditation and imagery with music. We'll focus on stress management, mindfulness, and physical well-being, and you'll learn how to use these techniques at home.

Presented by Dr. Penny Roberts, Coordinator of Music Therapy




Using Rally for Fitness

Click link for recording. Passcode: 1#mk4xzS

Did you know that Loyola uses Rally for tracking fitness and other wellness goals? Did you know that you can earn up to $200 a year in gift cards for participating? You can earn points simply for playing with your kids or pets everyday or for completing a wellness challenge. Learn more and start taking advantage of this great program!

Presented by Crystal Thomas, Sr. Benefits Representative, HR Loyola




Aromatherapy Uses and Safety 

Click on link for recording

Interested in aromatherapy, what it is, and how it can enhance your health? This presentation will cover the history of aromatherapy, common modern-day uses, and safe practices. 

Presented by Dr. Michelle Collins, Dean of College of Nursing & Health



Friday, January 15

10:00am, Special Session for College of Arts & Sciences Faculty & Staff

Hour of Examen Reflection with Dean Calzada and Fr. Daffron

Please be on the lookout for opportunities within other colleges coming soon. 



Re-Tune Your Mind for Deep Work

Click on above link for recording. 

Does your to-do list seem to grow every day? Too many meetings and not enough time for anything else? Do you find yourself scared to open your inbox for fear of what you will find? In this session, we'll discuss these common issues and the cultural shift that has created them. Moreover, we'll discuss what the research says, and how we can reestablish our ability to focus and be more productive.

Presented by Andrew Davis, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Enterprise State Community College




Stress and Anxiety: How to Tell the Difference and Take Care of Yourself

Stress and Anxiety Management: How to tell the difference between stress and anxiety, and what to do about it.

Presented by Asia Wong, LCSW-BACS, Director of Counseling & Health Services

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Yoga For All Bodies

Yoga can be done by anyone of any age or body type; through it you can experience strength, balance, flexibility, and calm.  Poses can be adapted for those with particular physical issues.  Please have the following items available for this session:

- yoga mat (preferably a “sticky mat”)

- 2 or more yoga blocks — you can use books of similar heights if you don’t have blocks

- strap or belt (can be a regular belt)

- 2-3 blankets (yoga “Mexican” blankets or any small blankets that can be folded easily)

Presented by Susan Brower, Media Services Coordinator and Yoga Instructor

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Special thanks to the Wellness Week Committee:
Kimberly Kahn, Office Manager, Psychological Sciences and Environment Program
Kedrick Perry, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
Justin Daffron, Vice President for Mission and Identity
Kathy Gros, Director of Student Records and Staff Senate Chair
Nancy Rowe, Director of the Office for Writing and Learning Services
Amy Boyle, Director of Residential Life


Please direct questions to Erin Dupuis, Chair of the Committee: