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University Commitee on Internal Grants


Chairperson: A member selected by the Committee

Voting Members:
Seven members of the Ordinary faculty, with representation as follows:
1. Three from the College of Arts and Sciences (one from each of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences)
2. One from the College of Nursing and Health
3. One from the College of Music and Fine Arts
4. One from the College of Business
5. One from the College of Law
6. One from the University Library
7. One alternate shall be appointed for each College and the University Library.

Non-voting Members:
1. The Director of Grants & Research (ex officio)

2. The Vice Provost for Faculty Teaching, Research, & Learning (ex officio)

Members are appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs upon the recommendations of the Deans.

All members serve three (3) year terms. Terms are staggered. Members may serve more than once but may not serve consecutive terms.

This Committee shall be responsible for supporting scholarly/creative activities, Teaching effectiveness, and professional development. It shall serve as a recommendation committee to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on the rewarding of internal faculty grants and the Marquette Fellowship program.

Duties, procedure and policies:
1. It shall recommend to the Provost those proposals for support of scholarly/creative activities and teaching effectiveness/professional development enhancement that the committee deems qualified for financial support from the university.
2. It shall annually assess funding amounts for the various grants categories and may propose to the Provost changes and increases in award limits for each category of grants.
3. It shall review, on an ongoing basis, the needs for additional types of faculty grants, and may recommend changes to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
4. It shall establish and disseminate procedures through which faculty members may apply for support of these activities and projects. It shall annually review its policies and procedures in order to ensure that the process of application is clear and accessible to the faculty.
5. It shall meet at the call of the Chairperson. Alternates must attend in the place of any committee member who cannot be present. If a member is applying for a grant or fellowship, the member must excuse him-or herself from the grant cycle in which that set of applications will be discussed and the appropriate alternate must attend as a substitute.
6. It shall report to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Name Term

University Library

William Ransom


College of Business

Gustavo Barboza


College of Nursing & Health

Christine Ebrahim


College of Arts & Sciences

Madison Silverstein (NS)

TBD (Hum)

Young Soo Kim (SS)




College of Music & Media

Bob Thomas


College of Law

Davida Finger

Alternate: Landyn Rookard (S27)


Grants Office

Anne Weaver

Ex Officio

Vice Provost

Erin Dupuis

Ex Officio