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Previous Workshops/Events

When available, previous workshops presentations or narrated slides will be available here. 


Trauma-Informed Pedagogy  with Dr. Davis (9-16-21)


Pivoting Back to Online Teaching (9-8-21)


Universal Design for Learning (4-27-21)

Access Passcode: Rs2d7^bc

Led by Tammy Berberi, University of Minnesota Morris

Slides available here

Tammy's expanded syllabus statement on disability and mental health available here


Online Learning During a Pandemic (4-20-21) 

Access Passcode: MK6Z1TS! 

Please see Nydia's presentation slides here


Does Trauma Beget Empathy? Associations between Posttraumatic Growth and Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing (3-23-21)

Marquette Presentation with Dr. Kate Yurgil

Access Passcode: aE^Gt14A


Kaltura Training with Erin Dupuis & Dan Guo (02-09-21)

Access Passcode: 0vNi8vW!


Identity, Inclusion, and Pronouns (02-11-21)


Setting up Assignments and Using the Gradebook (10-8-20)

**Please see Dr. Guo's Guide for Midterm Grading here.**


Developing & Using Rubrics in Canvas (10-1-20):

Note, I had to trim the end of this one to avoid too much disclosure of student grades. 


Using Loynotes (9-22-20)


Canvas 101 workshops with Dan Guo (8/3 - 8/7)


Zoom In and Outs (4-7-20)


Tips & Strategies from Online Professors (3-30-20)


Introduction to Grants (2-6-20) seminar: 

Recorded Grants Presentation

Non-Narrated PP with links available here


Q-Advocacy (1-28-20) workshop. Only viewable using Loyola Google email.


Using Videos in Online Courses (1-21-20) workshop: Slides with examples of courses and Video


Tools and Strategies for Recording Online Courses (10-19-19)


Creating a Graphic Syllabus (10-22-19): Use password "Innovation"