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Loyola Summer Teaching Conference

The 2020 virtual Loyola teaching conference is meant to focus on two large issues that immediately affect faculty teaching Fall courses. First, we will center our discussions on pedagogical issues including remote versus online teaching, Jesuit values in the online classroom, re-thinking SLOs and new modes for assessing student learning, and also thinking through student success. Second, we will focus on the nuts and bolts of teaching in Canvas, including other technologies for teaching that may be integrated such as Podcasts, in-video quizzes, and G-Suite collaborations. Strategically, we want to take Loyola into a new period of creatively designed courses that meet the needs of University and course-level goals. There will be opportunities for discussion with colleagues, including colleagues who have used our Canvas at other institutions and those with great experience teaching online courses. 

This June training should not be the end of our discussions related to pedagogy and course creation. We ask that these discussions continue at the college-level and integrate best practices within the disciplines. As such, we have faculty experts in each college who have volunteered to keep dialogue open and also think through issues at the college-level. 


Expand sections below to see the schedule of events on each day. Registration is required for these sessions. Clicking on the event link will bring you to the registration page. You will receive an email with the zoom invitation for each registered session. We recommend adding these directly to your Google calendar. 


Recordings and Slide Decks (presentation slides) are now available.

You must be signed into your Loyola Google account to access most slide decks. 

Please contact Erin Dupuis with any questions about the conference or recordings. 



Monday, June 8



RECORDING: Pivoting from Remote to Online Teaching 

Slide Deck

Presented by Dan Guo


10:00 - 10:50am             

RECORDING: Academic Integrity in Online Courses


Presented by Erin Dupuis


11:00am - 12:00pm       

RECORDING: SLOS and Student Choices: Creating Multiple Avenues to Knowledge Making


Presented by Hillary Eklund


1:00 - 1:50pm               

RECORDING: Feedback, Critical Reflection, and Student Self-Assessment


Presented by Hillary Eklund


2:00 - 3:00pm             

RECORDING: Helping Our Students Succeed


Form to request Mongoose (texting service)

Presented by Elizabeth Rainey


4:00 - 5:00pm

RECORDING: Answering Your Fall Questions

Presented by Maria Calzada


RECORDING: Accessing Canvas and Navigating the Functions


Presented by Dan Guo


10:00 - 10:50am             

RECORDING: Building Your Course: Organization, Modules, and the Commons


Presented by Erin Dupuis


11:00am - 12:00pm       

RECORDING: Exporting and Importing Content from Blackboard


Presented by Jim Dugan


1:00 - 1:50pm               

RECORDING: Assignments and Grading in Canvas: The Basics


Presented by Dan Guo


2:00 - 3:00pm             

RECORDING: Uploading and Linking to Content in Canvas


Presented by Jim Dugan


RECORDING: Hyflex/Hybrid Models and Flipping the Classroom

Carol Ann's Slides

Susan's Slides

Presented by Carol Ann MacGregor & Susan Brower


10:00 - 10:50am             

RECORDING: Jesuit Values in the Online Classroom: Establishing Context in Isolation, Cura Personalis Digital Edition

Slide Presentation

Presented by Carol Ann MacGregor


11:00am - 12:00pm       

RECORDING: Engaging Students in the Online Environment

Dr. Sarmini's SLIDE DECK

Presented by Rae Taylor, Tracey Lamont, and Samar Sarmini


1:00 - 1:50pm               

RECORDING: Lessons Learned From Online and Remote Professors

Presented by Andrew Wolfe, Emily Eiswirth, and Kendra Reed


2:00 - 3:00pm             

RECORDING: Quality Matters - Standards in Online Courses


Presented by Dan Guo


RECORDING: Lessons Learned from Online & Remote Professors

Dane's Slides

Isabel's Slides

Lisa's Slides

Presented by Isabel Medina, Dane Ciolino, Elin Grissom, and Lisa Collins



RECORDING (because Chris is a perfectionist, he re-did the beginning of his talk)

RECORDING (missing the first couple minutes): Using G-Suite for Teaching


Presented by Chris Schaberg


10:00 - 10:50am             

RECORDING: Using Canvas Video Studio

Presented by Eric Wiltz



RECORDING: Creating a Podcast

Presented by Jeffrey Albert and Courtney Garcia


11:00am - 12:00pm       

RECORDING: Creating Strong Discussion Boards, Including a Canvas DB Tutorial

Sheila and Michele have also shared some really wonderful resources to a drive folder

Sheila has also provided a video tutorial on adding captions to Google Slides

Presented by Sheila Wilkinson and Michele Ellis


1:00 - 1:50pm               

RECORDING: Creating Inclusive Environments - Online and On-Campus

Presented by Diana Ward and Madison Silverstein


2:00 - 3:00pm             

RECORDING: Answering Canvas Questions

Led by Dan Guo, Jim Dugan, and Erin Dupuis 

Any faculty member with Canvas experience is invited to attend and also answer questions!

Panelists (in alphabetical order):

T’Airra Belcher (Department of Counseling)

Scott Heath (Department of English)

Asia Wong (University Counseling Center)

Kate Yurgil (Department of Psychological Sciences)




Trauma Informed Teaching Handout

A Video Toolkit to Support the Well-Being of Students of Color

Loyola's Self-Care Guide for Students

Chronicle Article on Trauma Informed Best Practices

Dale O'Neill, Director of Student Life and Ministry shares that this website is a great resource . It is searchable by type of organization. When you click on an organization you can find more about an organizations mission and the names of its student leader and any staff/faculty sponsor. You are also given information about their public events. Check out this page for L.O.V.E, for example,

While many of these groups are not as active in the summer, the contact information can be a place to start. Dale is available to answer questions from you all and also to walk students who are interested in getting more involved through engagement opportunities. Her contact info is 


College of Arts & Sciences

Allyn Schoeffler (Chemistry) & Adil Khan (Religious Studies)

College of Business

Adam Mills (Marketing) & Jean Meyer (Accounting)

College of Law

Johanna Kalb (Associate Dean for Administration & Special Initiatives)

College of Music & Media

Lisa Collins (Director of Online Education for CMM) & Jeffrey Albert (Director of the School of Music Industry

College of Nursing & Health

Emily Eiswirth (Nursing

Center for Faculty Innovation

Erin Dupuis (Associate Vice Provost & Psychological Sciences)

Online Learning Team

Dan Guo (Instructional Designer), Jim Dugan (Learning Technologies Developer), & Eric Wiltz (Online Instructional Support)


Laurie Phillips (Associate Dean, Library)

(In order of presentation)

Dan Guo: Loyola Instructional Designer

Ph.D., Instructional Design and Development, University of South Alabama

Erin Dupuis: Associate Vice Provost, Director of the CFI

Ph.D., Social-Personality Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Hillary Eklund: Associate Professor, English

Ph.D., English, Duke University

Elizabeth Rainey: Director of Student Success

M.Ed., Columbia University

Jim Dugan: Learning Technologies Developer

Ph.D., Anthropology, Tulane University

Carol Ann MacGregor: Vice Provost

Ph.D., Sociology, Princeton University

Susan Brower: Media Service Coordinator

M.A. Telecommunication Arts, University of Michigan

Rae Taylor: Associate Professor, Criminology & Justice

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Central Florida

Tracey Lamont: Associate Professor, Religious Education

Ph.D., Religion & Religious Education, Fordham University

Samar Sarmini: Assistant Director for Mathematics Support

Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, University of New Orleans

Andrew Wolfe: Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Master of Science, Computer Science, Boston University, 

Emily Eiswirth: Assistant Professor, Nursing

DNP, Vanderbilt University

Kendra Reed: Professor, Management

Ph.D., Organizational Behavior, University of Nebraska

Isabel Medina: Distinguished Professor of Law

J.D., Tulane University

Dane Ciolino: Distinguished Professor of Law

J.D., Tulane University

Elin Grissom: Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences

Ph.D., Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience, Tulane University

Lisa Collins: Director of Online Education, Music & Media

M.A., Journalism, University of Missouri 

Christopher Schaberg: Distinguished Professor of English

Ph.D., English, University of California Davis

Eric Wiltz: Online Instructional Support Technologist

B.S., Psychology, Loyola University New Orleans

Jeffrey Albert: Associate Professor & Director of the School of Music Industry

Ph.D., Experimental Music and Digital Media, Louisiana State University

Courtney Garcia: Director of Operations & Technology, School of Music Industry

B.A., Communications, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sheila Wilkinson: Instructor of Design, Music & Media

J.D., Loyola University New Orleans

Michele Ellis: Assistant Professor, Nursing

Ph.D. Nursing with a focus on Nursing Education, University of Northern Colorado.

Diana Ward: Chief Student Conduct Officer and Title IX Coordinator

Ph.D., Educational Leadership, University of New Orleans

Madison Silverstein: Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Auburn University